How to Overcome Stage Fright

Hand sweats, chest pains, double obstruction between abdominal connections. Trying a lot, the throat can’t be observed in any way, and if anything goes from there, your revolution happens for it. No list of dilemmas, no serial killer. Yes, this public speaking is sometimes deadly. The cause of death if you do not consider something, do not hit the stage stage vent – more terrible thing. Some fluent force behind the podium is not as strong as our luck. There are, however, a few moments of “public speaking” to be seen.

Let us first try to understand the nature of this stage fright. I have been reading since childhood, People are social creatures. Along with the name of this social creature, nature has also given us some innate features. One of them is suffering from insecurity about one’s social status. Before we speak in public, we naturally begin to whisper, If people think I’m stupid, if my words sound ridiculous to them? The fear of proving this stupid to people is actually a kind of physical defense process. Its source is in a very primitive part of the brain, and it is almost impossible for us to control it voluntarily. This defense system is called Fight or Flight Response.


Animals secrete a hormone of hormones from their sympathetic nervous system only when they can threaten an attack, forcing the animal to flee or fight. This defensive response is seen in most animals, most of which do not need to make a statement! Charles Darwin did a lot of research on the fear of seeing this threat. Entering the snake cage at the London Zoo, he wanted to understand the reaction of his body. He then wrote in his diary, My will or argument was completely helpless to the imagination running through my head about the potential danger. He concluded that his reaction had no effect on the excellence of primitive, modern civilization.

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It is true that speech to your conscious modern mind i.e. the prefrontal cortex is just a speech. But the rest of the brain, the part that is made to survive in the jungle, which has fought natural disasters or escaped from the clutches of wild beasts – is a different matter to him. His idea of ​​losing your social status is a threat to your life. So whenever he can anticipate your chances of failing to speak, your Fight or Flight Response is turned on. Your body thinks, now you have to flee to save your life, or you have to fight at the risk of your life.

Your hypothalamus then signals your pituitary gland to secrete the hormone ACTH, causing the adrenaline glands to release 30 different hormones, including adrenaline, into the bloodstream. As a result of their combined effectiveness, your neck and back suddenly become tight, you become numb. Your arms and legs tremble to prepare your muscles to attack the opponent. But you start sweating. Your blood pressure rises. The digestion process stops to facilitate the supply of enough oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to fight or escape, but you stand still. Your mouth is dry so your stomach feels like a rat is running. Pupils also become dilated when the adrenaline rush, you may not be able to read the script of your speech properly. But looking ahead, you can see all the people clearly. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like stage fright for me either. What a horror, isn’t it?


Now how do we get rid of it? First, The attitude. We need to change our view of stage fright. We think of it as our own weakness, I think I have so many fears in my head. It doesn’t matter, it’s a natural hormonal process that originates from our autonomic nervous system. Again, we sometimes find the intensity of this anxiety in the lineage. Some people’s innate fear is naturally a little more intense.

Adele and Lorde (from left) – both have stage fright

John Lennon, singer of the legendary band The Beatles – this artist has performed on stage thousands of times. Surprising but true, he vomited every time he got on stage. The same story applies to the newly famous New Zealand pop star Lorde. He fell ill before getting on stage. Adele, who is on the regular top chart of the billboard, has had panic attacks on stage several times. Jennifer Lawrence regularly takes prescription drugs for social anxiety.

Since stage fright is natural and inevitable, we no longer have control over it. We have to use what we have control over. We have to start practicing long before the main point is to create an environment like the one I will give. As soon as we practice any work, the work becomes known to us once, the fear towards that work also becomes known to us – it can no longer disturb us so much. So if you practice before public speaking, you have more self-confidence. Steve Jobs started practicing for his speeches a few weeks ago, he practiced for hours on end.

If you have a good idea about yourself and your speech, you can take inspiration from the crowd. The hypothalamus will no longer think that your life is in danger, you have to take steps to protect it. However, the practice of this hypothalamus is millions of years, how many more days of your practice? A few weeks at most! So before you get on stage, you have to be a little clever with your brain. You have to stretch your arms and legs a little and take a deep breath. Then the hypothalamus will signal to relax the body by itself. The stage fright hit hardest at the very last moment, just before the speech began. This last time should be used to relax a little by stretching the arms and legs with the breath.

Steve Jobs practiced for a few weeks before giving any speech in public

After all this, you went in front of the crowd, in a clear voice, in a relaxed body, giving a slowly practiced speech. Everyone was fascinated. But are you free from fright? But it is not. That primitive fear is still with you, you have just adapted to it, as all the orators of history have done.


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